With the creation and progression of small businesses, there is always motivation to have a foreseeable future with a company. Technology is creating a larger outlet for individuals and pushing the boundaries of innovation to see how creative opportunities can get. As technology advances and expands, the reasons for wanting to be part of a small IT business do the same. The top reasons to work at a small IT company are career development, workplace flexibility, and learning experience.


As small IT businesses progress, they differentiate themselves from bigger companies as they have a stronger connection to their employees. When inquiring about a job, employers are looking for a hefty amount of experience for a position that some people haven’t achieved yet. Small IT companies offer experience-based work which pushes employees to be hands-on. (recro.io.com) This allows employees to produce work while learning from their mistakes. Being able to provide employees with guidance as they work makes them feel as though they are cared for and important. Obtaining these skills from a small IT company can progress a person’s motivation and skills to move up in the company.

Career Development

Moving up in bigger companies can take years to happen. There is seniority and skill factor in who may get the next big position at a bigger company. (taledo.com) This could take years for any position inquired about in the company. Small IT companies give employees a chance to rise in position with the company as the company gains recognition and a positive reputation. Small IT companies extend opportunities to employees who work hard, dedicate themselves, and demonstrate skills within the company to progress the company.

Workplace Flexibility 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of work-from-home has expanded. While people now have the option to work from home, workplace flexibility has been common in small IT companies. Workplace flexibility offers innovative scheduling and hybrid work. (roberthalf.com)  With this advantage, workplace freedom is offered at small IT companies, unlike other companies. (techtalent.co.uk) Workplace freedom relieves employees of feeling pressure in the office.

The future of small IT companies will transform technology. People will learn how to advance their skills to become a part of small IT companies and receive the benefits that come along with it. Although these are small businesses, the power of their influence can change the industry.